About Us

Years ago when the pioneers and settlers moved to the west, beef jerky was an important part of their everyday life. The dried steak was a way to keep food from spoiling out on the trail and an excellent source of protein and nutrients. The pioneers made their beef jerky from steak, dried it with a little salt peter (sodium nitrite) to prevent botulism, and smoked it with hickory, giving it a hearty taste sure to power a cowboy throughout the long days and nights. Pemmican (the name Indians called their preserved meat) is preserved with dried fruit, salt and spices.

This method of making beef jerky was all but forgotten until Luther's Smokehouse brought it back. Unlike other jerky products that you buy in a store today, full of preservatives, sugar and made from low grade meat, Luther's has brought back the pioneer recipe free of unnecessary additives. It took years to perfect, but Luther's now has it down to a science.

For every one pound bag of jerky we make, we start with 3 pounds of 100% USDA Choice Beef Steak, one of the best cuts of meat available for jerky. Pemmican is the meat ground with dried fruit, salt and spices. We slice it into one inch strips, and then the jerky is hickory smoked for approximately 8-10 hours (the old fashioned way) in our carefully controlled custom smokehouses, which are fully USDA approved. Our commitment to quality and perfection in every slice of Luther's Beef Jerky allows us to offer you our famous "The dog stole it" guarantee!