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Happy Holidays!!

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Luther’s Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

Family Owned and Operated since 1974

Le Roy, Kansas 66857

Thank you to the Troops!

Place an order with us today for that special soldier in your life!  We can ship straight from the warehouse to your troop for half the cost of if you shipped it yourself.  (must be an order over $89.00 for free shipping) We will also donate a free mild popcorn for every 5 packages ordered for your troop!

• 100% USDA Choice Cut American Beef

• Great Taste….No After Taste….No MSG

• Premium Jerky made from 100% American Whole Muscle Beef

• Naturally Smoked the Old Fashioned Way for Minimum of 10 Hours

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Luther's Smokehouse, Inc., Meat  Retail, Le Roy, KS
Made in the USA

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